Endometriosis UK – 18th July – 5.30-7.30pm @ St Michaels Hospital – FREE to attend

“Endometriosis affects women during the prime years of their lives, a time when they should be finishing an education, starting and maintaining a career, building relationships and perhaps have a family. For these women to have their productivity affected, their quality of life compromised and their chances for starting a family reduced, is something society can no longer afford to ignore. It is time we see serious investment in preventing this debilitating condition in the next generation of women”,
Dr Stephen Kennedy, WERF trustee

I have been invited by Endometriosis UK to deliver a 60 minute presentation on nutritional approaches to support endometriosis at St Michaels hospital. This event is FREE and you will have the chance to meet a supportive group of local women who also suffer with Endometriosis.

Please contact me directly to book your place