Welcome to the most soothing, tranquil part of Entwine – I could not be more happy for you to reach this part of your journey.

Meditation is not secondary to proper nutrition, they go hand in hand. The body cannot destress if the mind is stressed, the body cannot heal if the mind is not healed. In today’s world, it is simply vital that we all incorporate daily methods of relaxation – where better to start than meditation?

I’m so excited to have teamed up with Zofie from RelaxMeHappy for this section of your Entwine journey. You are truly in the hands of one of the most kind, gentle and professional practitioners out there.

These tracks are for you to use at your highest level of calm comfort. Whether it’s in the bath, on a long car journey, or plugged into your headphones at the office.

Meditation is about finding what works for you, getting in touch with your deepest thoughts and spending time with your truest self. You will truly be amazed at the power that daily practise can bring.

Below are two wonderful recordings I’d like you to explore.

1. Success From Self-Love
This powerful listen focuses on rebuilding a loving relationship with yourself. We’ve all looked in the mirror and thought negative things about ourselves, but this can truly become damaging overtime. Being your own best friend can truly be the most rewarding feeling, whilst also being the crucial first step to becoming your healthiest self.

2. Affirmations
Affirmations are incredibly powerful. They are statements or phrases of desire that, when said daily, can train the subconscious mind into believing. For example, “I am worthy of love.” Having daily affirmations has been proven to lead to attainment of what you desire, for example, feeling worthy of love. It’s like planting a seed and giving it the love and nourishment it needs to grow, before you know it – you have a beautiful, ripe apple.