Whether it’s practising a morning routine, starting a gratitude journal or simply adopting new breathing exercises, there’s not a day I’m not recommending mindfulness to my clients. The truth is, no matter what your condition, illness or stress point in life – mindfulness is truly the best friend to all bodies on a healing journey.

I truly believe there is no one definition, the meaning of mindfulness is what you need it to be. If you’re struggling with weight control, mindfulness involves presence and gratitude of tastes and senses. If you’re struggling with digestion, mindfulness can be about breathing with you body and de-stressing your parasympathetic system.

For this course, I have paired with the incredible Bethan Louise, a transformational therapist and mind-body coach I have been admiring for a very long time. Bethan helps people who have struggled to heal the roots of their psychological and emotional relationship with food.

Her approach uses the power of the subconscious mind to give you complete freedom from comfort eating, junk food and refined sugar, fad dieting and low self-worth.

I’m so excited for you to start the journey to true health, because it all truly starts with a wholesome, self-loving mindset.

I hope this is a lesson you take with you through all paths of life!




Introduction by Bethan Louise.

Day 1: Change What You Imagine

Day 2: Change What Brings You Pain and Pleasure

Day 3: Crowd the Negative By Adding The Positive

Day 4: Focus On What You Want With Feeling

Day 5: Show Your Mind What Is Available To You

Day 6: Learn To Let Go

Day 7: Beliefs, Habits & Patterns